This is a list of services and data sources that I have been using. I narrowed them to the best of the best. Hope this list helps you too.

Google Sheets is the best way to track portfolios, You can use the googlefinance function to fetch current or historical securities information from Google Finance. A full list of Google sheets functions can be found here.

My comprehensive investing checklist can be downloaded for free. I’ve built this checklist for my own investing process, and I’ve been following it for years. The checklist focuses on four key elements:

1. Industry and business 2. Management 3. Financials 4. Risk factors

Funds 13-F reports

Financial Data & Charts

  • BamSEC – SEC filings and earnings transcripts
  • Tikr
  • Koyfin – Financial data and analytics platform
  • Finviz – Financial visualizations
  • Ycharts


Company Reviews

Macro data

Digital Intelligence

AI Tools


Crypto News